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FAQ - answers from factory accredited technicians

Q. Do you only repair Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles?

A. No we will repair any makes and types, having such a depth of knowledge, that has been built up with the partners having over 60 years of combined experience on all types of vehicles, there is not a lot we cannot repair.

Q. Can I be sure you will not quote for work that is not needed to get my car through its MOT test?

A. With Steve and Brandon being ex VOSA MOT inspectors (and Steve an ex VOSA Enforcement officer) we know EXACTLY what the condition of your vehicle needs to be in, to pass its test. We will inform you of this, after our Pre MOT inspection and give you as firmer estimate as we can. If any problems arise during repairs you will be informed straight away. We aim to retain vehicle safety as well as its good working order. As MOT as other repairs and servicing, you have the full control of the work being carried out and the cost.

Q. Are you prepared to work on older Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles?

A. Like has been stated before, Steve bought his first Jaguar (Mk 10 3.8 with a blown engine), when he was just 19 years old. This was repaired. Several Mk 2’s and a show-winning Daimler 250 followed. As for the Land Rovers, BME use to build and modify vehicles for competition for many years and is therefore capable of repairing older Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.

Q. I have a late Jaguar XKF. I’ve been informed by my local main agent that only they have the right diagnostic equipment. Do you have the right equipment to carry out the diagnostic correctly?

A. Yes, we have the latest Jaguar Land Rover(SDD) device and a factory experienced technician to use it. Brandon has been “trouble shooting” on factory vehicles (including prototypes)for many years and has a vast knowledge on all Jaguar and Land Rover products.